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Instruction of All the Fees

1. Application Fee:500 RMB. 

Whether the application is successful or not, the application fee will not be returned.

2. Tuition Fee:

① Chinese Language Students and Academic Students:

8000 RMB per year (The academic applicants who plan to register in our college for a three-year academic students and they come from the countries which have signed a cooperation relations with our college can apply for the free-pay (free for tuition fee) learning in our College.

The cooperative countries include Russia, Ukraine, and Poland.)

② Short term exchange students: 4000 RMB per semester

3.Accommodation Fee:

① Training Center: double room.

◇5000 RMB per year and 2500 RMB per semester;

◇Temporary accommodation for students is 30 RMB per day;

◇Temporary accommodation for other visitors is 120 RMB per day.

◇ 1000 RMB deposit

Facilities: washing room (with shower and toilet in one room), television,

furniture, internet socket, air conditioner, heating and mattress.

② Dormitory (four quarters)

◇1200 RMB per year and 600 RMB per semester

◇500 RMB deposit

Facilities: In every room there are beds, lockers. There is a shower room, a

toilet and a simple kitchen with microwave oven and

electromagnetic oven on each floor.

4.Insurance: 800RMB per year

According to the regulation of our National Education Department, all the international students who will stay in China over 6 months ought to pay the insurance for one year.

5.Registration Fee

Chinese language students (for one year) and academic students (for three years) should pay 600 RMB per person for all the processes registering in our college.

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