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About Cangzhou Technical College

Cangzhou Technical College is a national full-time vocational college, possessing 746 thousands square meters with 230 thousands square meters building area. There are 330 thousands books and advanced experimental devices which are worth 60 million RMB. Cangzhou Technical College has 9 faculties 3 colleges and 1 department, which has a strong teaching power and professional education conditions. The training devices in Cangzhou Technical College has taken the top level with 5 training centers and lots of systematical classrooms with advanced equipment. There are pretty campus, convenient learning and living conditions in Cangzhou Technical College. The college website covers every corner of our college providing a comfortable environment for all the students and staffs.

1.Construction and Engineering Faculty

Majors: Engineering Cost; Construction Technology; Construction Management; Engineering Measurement; Construction Decoration Technology.

2.Electrical Engineering Faculty

Majors: Mechatronics; Electric Automatics; Electric Systematical Automatics; Intelligent Products Creation

3.Contemporary Service and Management Faculty

Majors: Marketing; Tourism Management; Hotel Management; Aviation Service; Electronic Commerce; Preschool Education.

4.Mechanical Engineering

Majors: Vehicle Detecting and Maintenance (Sino-Germany Technicalian Direction); Vehicle Detecting and Maintenance; Vehicle Marketing and Service; Mechanical Making and Automation; Numerical Control Technology.

5.Contemporary Media and Art Designing Faculty

Majors: Art Designing; Figure Designing; Performing Art; Filming Writing and Directing; Photographing

6.Chemical Engineering Faculty

Majors: Chemical Equipment Technology; Environmental Engineering; Drug Manufacturing; Chemical Application

7.Animal Husbandry and Veterinarian Faculty

Majors: Animal Husbandry and Veterinarian; Pet’s Breading and Training; Animal Medicine

8.Information Engineering Faculty

Majors: Communication Technology; Mobile Interconnection Application; Digital Medial Application; Computer Information Management (Electronic Commerce); Information Safety and Management.

9.Economy and Trading Management Faculty

Majors: Accounting; Auditing; International Economy and Trade

10.Food and Biotechnology Faculty

Majors: Rural Credit; Garden Technique; Contemporary Agriculture; Agricultural Biology; Food Nutrition and Detecting.

11.International Education and Communication College (International College will be called for short in the following)

Majors: Economy of Poland Project; Management of Ukraine and Russia Project; Preparatory Course of Derby University in Great Britain; Business English; Russian; Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language; Selective Course------Korean.

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